Yokohama Wheel Original Design

Yokohama Advan Wheel Design is a division of the Yokohama Rubber Co. Yokohama is very successful in the automotive tire market, thus the Yokohama Advan Wheel Design was created to bring advanced wheels to compliment their tires. Using several methods such as mold form forging, spin forging, and flow form casting, Yokohama Advan wheels are one of the strongest and most reliable wheel brands from Japan. Yokohama Advan Wheel Design offers several different designs to meet each customer’s demands and tastes. Since each wheel is proudly made in Japan, the quality is superb.

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Yokohama 2015 Official Catalog



Advance Vehicle System wheels by Yokohama

Advan Racing

Forged and Flow Formed Wheels by Yokohama

Advan Racing Lug Nuts and Bolts


Wheel accessories by Yokohama

Yokohama Official Merchandise