RAYS sells plenty of wheels in the aftermarket and OEM industry. Many of RAYS wheels are made with radically new technologies such as Formec and RCF forming. RAYS has also come up with stainless steel jackets, titanium coating, and numerous other innovations. The company’s creative technology strives both to improve quality and efficiency and, importantly, to excite the feelings of users. In addition, concerned to keep on improving strength and safety, the company insists that all RAYS wheels pass rigorous in-house JWL+R standards. RAYS is also aware that, in today’s market, users require companies to act with corporate social responsibility. Mobilizing the confidence that RAYS has acquired for wheels that embody ‘Quality, performance, and impressive style,’ the company is also making rapid advances into the car supplies segment.

Over time, RAYS has developed skills as a trading company and built up a national sales network. Continuing to effectively use this network, RAYS is expanding into the car supplies segment where, as a leading brand, it can use its knowledge, power, and buyer confidence. The same ‘ability to see through to true value’ that enabled the company to flourish in a fiercely competitive market will enable the production of original high-quality products, and the recognition of superior overseas products for import and sale. RAYS already has a system in place to enable a smooth transition to this new business. This has been proved by success in using the sales network to market, as OEM wheels, products that are not RAYS brands.

No matter what dimension of quality and refined taste a product engenders, as long as RAYS is involved, you can be assured of its safety and reliability. By bringing to Japan only things that are worthy of the ‘By RAYS’ tag, and then supplying them to the world, RAYS strives to be a company that comprehensively supports car users who want to derive full enjoyment from their cars.

RAYS 2018 Official Catalog

  • Rays Optional Colors

    These are the optional colors available for certain Volk Racing Wheels


    Rays 2017 Optional Colors

  • Rays Volk Racing Center Caps

    These are the optional center caps available for certain Volk Racing Wheels


    Rays Volk Racing Center Caps

  • Rays Replacement Stickers

    These are the optional stickers available for certain Volk Racing Wheels


    Rays 2016 Replacement Stickers

  • Gram Lights Optional Caps

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    Gram Lights Optional Cap


Volk Racing

Forged Monoblock

Gram Lights

Light weight concept, cast wheels.


Cast, luxury wheels by Rays


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