Ti64 Elementek Titanium Bolts

Ti6AL4V is one of a widely referred to one of the highest quality titanium alloys on the market. They’re extremely lightweight but also very strong since they’re Cold Forged Titanium and not machine cut like other competitors. The titanium used are used in a variety of high end engine, medical and aircraft components. Titanium alloy with the α-β organization is where the material combines the features of the α alloy and β alloy.

  • Colors : Machine finish & Titanium Blue
  • Weight : 63g per bolt
  • Bolt Material : Ti6AL4V Titanium Alloy
  • Seating : 60 degree & 14R
  • Thread Diameter : M14x1.5 & M14x1.25
  • Lengths : 28mm · 35mm · 40mm · 45mm


  • Date: February 02, 2016