• Advan Racing RCIII wheels were designed especially for rallies, dirt trails, and other such motor sports. RCII wheels had 5 spokes, so the RCIII has been updated to 10 spokes.
  • One piece forge cast wheel combines flow forming production techniques. These wheels are designed to be as light as possible yet have the strength necessary to withstand the tremendous forces that come into play in the motor sports environment.
  • Gold and white are the two available finishes.
  • The ADVAN Racing RCIII logo is heat printed around the nut holes. The 15 inch wheels have super gravel, and the 17/18 inch wheels have super tarmac printed on them to define the stages they should be used on.
  • ADVAN racing logos are cast between the spokes in 1mm high letters.
  • Capless design, ADVAN racing caps are sold¬†separately.
Date: July 16, 2012