Forged Sports 4 Piston 4 Pad Caliper

Project Mu offers the ideal configuration of one pad per piston through eight synchronized pads, thus enabling optimal braking. Our racing calipers are made from machined super-hard aluminum billet and forged to create the caliper shape. The forging process creates a lighter and stronger caliper to withstand the abuse of racing.

Piston Diameters: 41mm

Total length : 282.8mm / Total width : 156.25mm* / Total height : 72.3mm
* = Excludes the protrusion of the brake line attachment section.

Typical Kit Contents: 4 Piston 4 Pad Calipers, Aluminum Brackets, Two Piece Rotors (Aluminum Hat, Iron Disc in 345mmx32mm or 355mmx32mm), 4 NS-Zero Pads per Caliper, Teflon Brake Lines, and Hardware

Date: July 13, 2012