Ornament Center Cap Adapters

While Yokohama Advan Racing Wheels are designed to be used without center caps, the open center ”racing look” isn’t for everyone. These optional Ornament Center Cap Adapters allow you to use your Alfa Romeo, Volkwagen, BMW, Mini, Audi, or Fiat/Abarth center caps with your Advan Racing wheels!

Fits the following wheels: RS-D, RZ, RS, RGII, RCIII, TCII, RT, RZ-DF, RG-D, RSII, and GT

Avaliable adapters:
Fiat/Abarth 65mm diameter for 98mm PCD
Mini 63mm diameter for 100 PCD
Audi 63mm diameter for 112 PCD
Volkswagen 63mm diameter for 100 and 112 PCD
BMW 73mm diameter for 120 PCD
Alfa Romeo 65mm diameter for 98 and 110 PCD, 98 PCD is light brown colored

Date: January 29, 2014