Kyokugen Heptagon Long/Closed

The Project Kics Heptagon Lug Nuts features a unique heptagon shape. Even if a thief has a full set of socket wrenches they won’t have the unique 7 sided socket to fit. These M12x1.25 or M12x1.50 Heptagon Lug Nuts come in 42mm or 50mm lengths with a 60 degree conical seat. Heptagon Lug Nuts are sold in packages of 20 lug nuts can come with the special Heptagon adapter.

  • SCM435 steel
  • Special 7 Sided Heptagon Lug nut
  • Colors : Gold or Black
  • Closed end type lug nut
  • 42mm length and 50mm length
  • M12x1.5 or M12x1.25 length


Date: July 31, 2012