GT Premium for Porsche

ADVAN Racing is proud to announce the latest addition to the GT, the flagship wheel of the line – a size made especially for Porsche. Hailing Porsche’s new standard equipment 20-inch wheel, ADVAN Racing now offers a 20-inch design exclusively for Porsche. This GT sports wheel fits are 991, 911, the new Cayman Boxster, Panamera, and more. Center lock wheels will be available for the 991 GT and 991 Turbo-S models. The center lock wheels are designed to perfectly match Porsche original locking system, and have a newly configured rim profile that will allow use of optional large diameter Porsche Carbon Composite Brakes (PCCB). Clearly, ADVAN Racing GT 20-inch wheels take a completely different design approach when it comes to meeting the strict standards of Porsche drivers. This design recalls the GT 18-inch wheels, featuring rim profiles for front-mounted tires that allow ample clearance for large-diameter brake calipers. In other words, the design achieves more than simply changing the depth of the rim; instead, it allows a more dynamic concave shape by maintaining an outer rim depth that allows it to be used for front-mounted tires, while adjusting the concave drop of the spokes into the center according to size.Thus, CONCAVE-1 or -2 standard face wheels are used on the front, and, dynamic CONCAVE-3 or -4 wheels are mounted on the rear. This setting makes the most of Porsche’s signature wide rear wheel stance. On the other hand, GT for PORSCHE could not use the same forged mold-form as other GT wheels and had to be redesigned from scratch. That in itself demonstrates ADVAN Racing’s commitment to creating a truly special wheel, exclusively for Porsche.The rim flange shapes assume that Porsches will be driven to the limits, and accordingly, are reinforced into a slightly wider flange design. A diamond cut treatment on these wide flanges melds the design theme with functional beauty, with an identity unique to the GT for Porsche (Specific colors only). As testimony that these are ADVAN Racing wheels, the name is embossed on wheels in 3-dimentional cuts, the same as the GT Premium Version wheels, which leaves them with an unmistakable aura of quality, and the attention to detail expected of superior mold-form forged wheels. PCD130 5-hole wheels are available in the following colors: Racing Hyper Black & Ring, and Racing Gloss Black. Center lock sizes offer Racing Gloss Black, Racing Titanium Blue & Ring, and Racing Red.

*Center caps included for 5-130 version.

Date: March 30, 2016