RAYS is proud to introduce the brand new G25 EDGE!

For the premium cars that continue to require high performance.

How should VOLK RACING approach all premium sports cars with transcendent performance? G25EDGE was born from this theme.
G25 is part of the G series, but has high rigidity that is similar or more than other VOLK RACING models. The beauty of G25 is kept intact, and [the higher level of rigidity] was pursued to achieve higher steering stability.
The G25’s best balance of 2×5 spoke design was kept intact with the height of the spoke vertical section and the rim and spoke connection point gaining rigidity were refreshed to acquire more performance. As a result G25EDGE achieved high level of rigidity that was never accomplished by other street wheels. In addition, lightweight was also achieved by shaving and reducing the unnecessary thickness of the wheel. The ultimate 1 piece wheel is created with the balance of high rigidity and lightweight, the G25EDGE.

*Size chart is available in the first photo

Date: March 15, 2016