Forged Sports 4 Piston Slim Caliper

The Project Mu Forged Sports 4 Piston Slim Caliper combines a forged aluminum alloy body for low weight and high strength. The Slim body makes this caliper work well with most aftermarket wheels as it allows for smaller wheel diameters to fit better with bigger brake rotors. 4 Piston Slim Caliper is perfect for light to middle-weight vehicles.

Piston Diameters: 38mm

Total length : 275.0mm / Total width : 140.00mm* / Total height : 71.6mm
* = Excludes the protrusion of the brake line attachment section.

Typical Kit Contents: 4 Piston Slim Calipers, Aluminum Brackets, Two Piece Rotors (Aluminum Hat, Iron Disc in 300mmx25mm), 2 NS-Zero Pads per Caliper, Teflon Brake Lines, and Hardware

Date: January 29, 2014