BMW Conversion Spacer

■ Spacer body is made of high strength 11 mm thick steel.
■ Hub bolt uses chrome molybdenum steel and adopts hardened high strength and high durability bolts.
■ High quality products manufactured under precision design, thorough quality control (MADE IN JAPAN).

■ Quantity: 2 pieces (2pcs) 
■ Material (Material): High Grade Steel
■ Accessories: Special Bolt (Bolts) M14 × P1.25 (10pcs) / Special adapter (Adapter) 1pcs
■ Package Size: W178 × H202 × D107 mm
■ Package weight: Approx. 3.3 kg

● Applicable model: BMW 5HOLE / PCD120 / hub diameter φ72.6 / bolt size M14 × P1.25.
※ BMW (PCD112 does not apply)


Date: February 17, 2017