Fourth generation model, counting from the successor of the AVS MODEL T5, the original design of twin 5-spoke “AVS VS5”.

It uses four mold was reproduced precisely design detail, mold forged one-piece model.

Novel design was boldly spread the split angle of the twin spoke. I is subjected to a side cut only spoke side of the wide-angle split side.

Spoke the top surface and side cut portion was cut diamond processing reworked after painting, clearly assert its presence as well as appeal to the shine of the forged material.

The rim portion between the spokes, by engraving the logo of “AVS MODEL F50,” “FORGED”, “JAPAN MADE” by the three-dimensional machining machine, dramatically the premium of the AVS brand has it up.

Center ornament also treat the points aluminum forged the character color, specification without compromise which has been subjected to chrome plating on aluminum material of the ring portion is also cut out.

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Date: January 25, 2016