New Product Announcement – Gram Lights 57FXX 17 and 18 inch Sizes!

57FXX Black w Machining

The 57FXX –17 & 18 Inch Sizes Now Available

It’s the high-tech wheel that owners of modern cars were asking for; larger diameters, aggressive fitments, and tougher looking design. The Gram Lights 57FXX takes the 2×5 design further by putting the spokes wider apart and deeper into the wheel hub. Utilizing RAYS Cast Flow Forming (RCF), the 57FXX barrel is spin formed just as the forged Volk Racing wheels are. This ensures that the 57FXX has a stronger barrel by creating a controlled metal flow in the casting and increases the density of the metal flow lines. The 57FXX also reduces weight by implementing CNC machining on the wheel spokes, with machined cut outs around the lug nut holes and hub mounting pad. Further adding to the high technology that the 57FXX is designed for, Rays will off an Anti-Slip Coating as an optional process to put more grip on the tire bead seat. High horsepower, high grip cars like the GTR will cause the wheels to slip on the beads of the tires, losing power and traction. The Anti-Slip Coating prevents this by giving the tire bead a textured coating that the rubber can grip on.

The 57FXX will now be offered in 18 and 19 inch diameters alongside the 20 inch model. The width will range from 7.5 to 10.5 inches wide on the 18 inch model while the 19 in model will start at 8 inches wide and go up to 11 inches and all will come with several offsets. The 57FXX will also come with valve stems and center caps to match the Sunlight Silver or Black with Machining colors. North American Specific colors to be announced soon.