New Product Announcement Gram Lights 57C6

57C6 Velvet Marine

A new era in the Gram Lights 57 line is upon us! Just announced is the development of the Gram Lights 57C6, a high performance Mold
Formed wheel with the most aggressive concave face in the Gram Lights lineup. Oered from 18×7.5 to 18×9.5 in 5×114.3 and 5×100 bolt
patterns, the 57C6 is targeted squarely at the rear wheel drive sports car revival we’ve seen with the FR-S/BRZ, S2000, and even the ever
popular S- and Z-chassis Nissans. The 57C6 also takes wheel lightness to a new level with the side cut machining oered on the
Matt-Graphite Model, designed after what was learned on the 57Xtreme SP-Spec.

The 57C6 brings back a popular color and brings a new color to the Gram Lights lines; Luminous Pink and Velvet Marine. The Luminous
Pink color comes back after popular demand by Gram Lights fans to bring the color back. The Velvet Marine color introduces a new
coloring technique by creating a textured color that is also being introduced into the 57Xtreme line. The Velvet Colors creates a texture
similar to suede on the nish that also changes hue from matt to gloss and light to dark, depending on the angle the wheel is viewed.